Stockton Friday, September 13, 2019.

Happy to report today that Metro Pcs fixed my screen lock problem on my cell phone that completely shut my phone down.

Got a call from good friend Susanne Cox that she had fallen and her brother Gary was currently driving her to the ER. She couldn’t locate her husband so had me ask Rio Las Palmas front desk to intercom his room to let him know. Until my phone was fixed late today, we played phone tag for info about Susanne.

Poor girl, was told she suffered broken bones in one arm and a broken wrist in the other arm; of course in horrific pain. Was told she was able to go home to her brother’s house. Happened chasing her puppy down the street and tripped on a crack in the side walk.

Will call tomorrow to see what she and husband Dan may need and hope we can visit.

Will probably help coordinate a few meals with her brother.